The decisive advantagesfrom RESPIRO-technology

1. Elastic pick-up

  • Best ground hugging
  • Best raking quality
  • No aggressive ground contact
  • Little wear on the tines
  • Few tine breakages

2. Small diameter

  • Small distance between the tine tips
  • Low tine impact speed
  • Powerful even with short feed
  • Undershoots large swath
  • Allows the tines to drag

3. Trailing tine geometry

  • Best ground hugging
  • Best raking quality
  • No aggressive ground contact
  • Few tine breakages
  • Little wear on the tines
  • Additional gentle ground adjustment
  • No stones in the feed

4. Camless pick-up

  • Possible because of small diameter
  • Radically simple design, completely free of axial play
  • Totally maintenance-free
  • No wear, only tine wear
  • Significantly fewer components, longer service life
  • Center drive halves the torque, each side one double bearing

5. Anti-loss system

  • No loose tines possible
  • Tine coil is supported from the inside
  • One M8 screw secures 6 double tines
  • Quick and easy tine change
  • Tines that are broken in the coil are not lost

6. Sliding disc close to the tine

  • Sliding disc 20 cm behind the tines
  • Best ground hugging
  • Freely rotating - low wear
  • Large contact surface
  • Also for moor and sandy soils

7. Conveyor rotor and swath roller

  • Enable uniform material flow
  • Automatic adaptation to the crop quantity
  • Ensures functionality even with short crop

RESPIROthe key technologyof the future

RESPIRO-Technology versus Sweeping machine

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"Lifting"is our solution

Respiro technology on the rise

The path to the future calls for a fundamental rethinking from sweeping to lifting. Respiro pick-up rakes are revolutionary in their characteristics.
The elastic, camless small-diameter pick-up in combination with the trailing tines and the conveyor rotor delivers outstanding results:

Cleanest forage

noticeable reduction of impurities of all kinds = best basic feed quality

Least losses

less leaf losses improve protein content, very little wear

For all conditions

ideally suited for difficult operating conditions

High performance and flexibility

fluffy swaths, no entanglement, high working speed, full flexibility in working width, swath forming left and right possible

Animal Health

better fodder keeps animals healthy, less worries, more success

Further economic success factors:

  • higher added value in the silo and livestock
  • less wear reduces repair costs
  • lower harvest costs
  • higher protein content
  • one machine for all harvesting systems
  • less damage to harvesters due to stones, etc.

"Sweeping" is the problem

Rotary rakes at a crossroad after 50 years

The established rotary rake technology has been on the market for over 50 years.
The challenges of the practice and the higher quality awareness of farmers
are increasingly putting this technology under pressure:


unfavorable bacteria and fungi, dust, earth, sand, stones, foreign objects,
manure and muck particles, mice, rotten undergrass


leaf losses, crumble losses, raking losses, fermentation losses, losses at the
feeding table, wear on machines

Unreliable in difficult conditions

moist and soft soils (flood plains and boggy areas), uneven and unrolled fields, dry and stony topsoil, low peat density, cover crops, corn straw as well various special crops (hemp, sorghum)

Deficits in performance and other factors

compacted / twisted swath, limited working speed, higher power requirement, worse after-drying at the swath, not flexible in working width and direction of swathforming

Endangering animal health

contaminated feed causes inflammation, fertility and claw problems, reduces animal performance, digestive issues with horses

Realistic examples of benefits for average conditions

Your Benefit

Realistic examples of benefits for average conditions

Added value for the farmer

Less feed contamination

  • better fermentation quality and higher feed intake
  • less crude ash, more energy, more protein, more milk yield
  • best forage quality ensures animal health, less veterinary costs


Ideal for legumes

  • less leaf losses
  • more crude protein

Less field losses

  • more crop profit per hectare due to less raking losses
  • less crumble losses results in more performance from the basic feed
  • no leftover rotten grass

Fluffy swath, even, in perfect size possible …

  • earlier start of the raking process
  • lower hay drying costs
  • less foraging hours

More advantages

  • Soil protection
  • less power demand
  • less wear
  • no broken pick-up tines in the forage
  • higher lifetime performance of the machines
  • lower repair costs

Added value for the contractor

Less feed contamination

  • image gain at the customer through higher feed value
  • higher revenue per hour or hectare
  • less foreign objects failures in the forager, loader wagon or baler

Less power demand and wear

  • lower wear costs on the rake through passive tines
  • little tine breaks, tines cannot get lost.
  • less knife sharpening at the cutting units of harvesting machines
  • higher lifetime performance of the machines

Versatile: better utilization of rake and following harvesting chain

  • in all fields of application grassland, forage (for example alfalfa), turning straw swaths, corn straw
  • Flexibility through centre swath / side swath with much or little crop
  • from long horse hay to short last cut permanent grassland
  • higher working speed and performance without loss of quality

Fluffy swath, even, in perfect size

  • earlier start of raking possible
  • even swath for high performance of the following harvesting machine
  • repeated lifting does not result in twisted swaths and losses
  • cleaning up corners and pointed fields by loading the stopped tape

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