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Quantum leap: flexibility

1. Elastic pick-up

The elastic pick-up is the heart of the RESPIRO band raker. With pick-up widths of 3 m and more, the pick-up must be flexible so that it can adapt to the ground. This is the only way to achieve perfect work results in grassland. This unique position points the way to the future of the band rake.

Best raking quality
For best raking quality, the pick-up must be able to hug the ground. And every practitioner knows that no ground is flat. This is exactly where the flexible pick-up of the RESPIRO technology sets new standards. Even under difficult terrain conditions, raking losses are low. This not only increases the overall yield but also the forage quality of the subsequent cuts. Top quality, hectare after hectare, cut after cut. As a contractor, you always deliver well for your customers because you adapt to the terrain conditions. This creates trust and customer satisfaction.

No aggressive ground contact
Ground contact with the pick-up tines should be avoided whenever possible. With a rigid pick-up, you quickly reach the limits. RESPIRO technology does it right the first time. The flexibility of the pick-up prevents aggressive ground contact. This not only creates a good feeling in the field. It is the basis for top forage quality. The sward is also protected, which promotes re-growth.

Little wear on the tines
The pick-up tines only touch the ground sporadically. This minimises wear on the tines. That’s what every practitioner wants.

Few tine breakages
It is impossible to ram the pick-up into the ground. The pick-up tines very rarely touch the ground. The logical consequence is maximum tine life. Practice confirms it. For professionals and contractors, time-consuming tine changes are a thing of the past and the forage harvester does not suffer from dangerous foreign bodies.

Customer testimonial from Germany

" We have almost no more contamination in the feed. Nothing is left on the feed table anymore - in the past there was always about half a wheelbarrow for 40 cows. The cows feed like crazy "

— Franz, farmer from Bavaria

Agritechnica 2019 Thomas Reiter erklärt die flexible Pick-up
Reiter RESPIRO einzigartig durch elastische Pick-up
Reiter RESPIRO einzigartig durch elastische Pick-up
customer testimonial from france

„Dirty fodder is very expensive fodder. We harvest about 10 tonnes of DM per field hectare. With about 100 Euro/t forage value, that is 1000 Euro per ha/year. RESPIRO technology increases forage productivity up to 400 Euro/ha. This is an increase of a whopping 40% - I don't want to do without this increase in value. It improves my farm result year after year.“

— Mathis, farmer from France

Leave stones

2.Trailing tine geometry

The dragging tine leaves soil, stones and foreign bodies in place and thus picks up the crop cleanly from the ground.

No aggressive ground contact possible
Due to the dragging geometry, aggressive ground contact is not possible at all. This is an enormous advantage in practice.

Stones and foreign bodies remain lying
Contact with stones and foreign bodies is repellent. As a result, they remain on the field. The following harvester is protected.

Less wear and breakage on the tines
Due to the low load on the tine legs, there is significantly less wear. The tines are protected and have a very long service life.

Tine arms do not bend when cornering
A surprising but obvious practical result. The Respiro pick-up technology knows almost no bent tines. The dragging geometry is the reason for this. An advantage that practitioners are enthusiastic about. Tedious tine alignment is a thing of the past.

Plant stems are not uprooted
This is particularly important with maize straw. Stalks cannot be uprooted, so neither stones nor soil get into the straw. Ideal for minimising wear on subsequent cutterbars.

Additional gentle ground hugging
Due to the trailing tine geometry, ground contact is always gentle. For short bumps, etc., additional ground hugging can thus be achieved. This protects the entire system.

Slurry particles remain on the ground
Slurry particles that have dried up in the grass stubble are a major problem for the rotor rake and also for belt rakes with rigid pick-up and aggressive tines. RESPIRO technology sets a completely new standard here too. The light slurry particles remain in the field. Forage quality at its best.

Thomas Reiter erklärt die schleppenden Zinken des RESPIRO
Reiter RESPIRO: Seitenansicht Pick-Up
Agritechnica 2019 Thomas Reiter erklärt schleppende Zinken

Conservation and impact power

3. Small diameter

The small diameter, or in other words, the low height of the pick-up is another key of the RESPIRO technology. The crop flow is ideal. The crop flows harmoniously onto the conveyor belt. Convincingly simple and efficient. The impact of the system is amazing. Depending on the operating conditions, working speeds of up to 25km/h are possible. Despite the high impact force, the mechanical stress on the crop remains low. This ensures high protein content through very low crumble losses of valuable leaf mass.

Small distance between the tine tips
The six-row pick-up with such a small diameter delivers a harmonious sequence of tines. The seamless sequence of tines lifts the crop quickly and very gently from the ground. Optimum crop flow is the result.

Low tine impact speed
Due to the small overall height of the pick-up, the tine speed can be kept very low. The crop wave nevertheless floats, is taken over by the rotor and guided onto the conveyor belt. This is a great advantage, especially for legumes and for crops with a high dry matter content. Less leaf loss and more protein.

Powerful even with short forage
The small pick-up lifts the forage out of the stubble immediately and without interruption. This means that even short forage can be raked effectively. This increases the productivity of the RESPIRO belt rake enormously.

Undershoots large swath
When turning swaths and with high crop yields, the small pick-up has another decisive advantage: the crop mass floats onto the pick-up, so to speak. Harmonious, powerful and efficient. Despite very high masses, the pick-up requires very little drive torque. Ideal for energy efficiency and service life.

Allows the tines to drag
The dragging tine was never “planned”. Practice has produced it. Because the diameter of the pick-up is so small, the tines can be dragged. At the height of the mowing horizon, the tines lift the crop dynamically out of the stubble. The secret of the RESPIRO system.

Customer testimonial from Germany

"Our veterinary costs have dropped dramatically, I would never have imagined that. "

— Ruben, farmer from Lower Saxony

Reiter RESPIRO R3 Bandschwader am Einsatz auf Stroh
RESPIRO R3: Bearbeitung von Luzerne
Bandschwader RESPIRO R3 im Einsatz am Feld
Bandschwader: Schonung und Schlagkraft durch kleinen Durchmesser
Customer testimonial from Austria

„We hardly find any soil in the cutterbar of our loader wagon. That was the deciding factor for us to buy.“

— Farm community from Upper Austria

Simply convincing

4. Camless pick-up

A belt rake has many metres of pick-up. With conventional systems, a large working width means that several curved tracks have to be installed. This is not the future of belt rakes. Easy maintenance demands an uncontrolled system. The RESPIRO technology is the first belt rake with an uncontrolled pick-up, a real milestone.

Possible because of small diameter
A large pick-up diameter and at the same time an uncontrolled system is only justifiable for harvesters. When it comes to the belt rake, this combination is not realisable. Little crop spread over the area – this is the highest challenge for a pick-up system. Only the small diameter opens the door for an uncontrolled, simple pick-up.

Radically simple design
Simple rotation, no additional moving parts, no additional wear. Compact, robust, reliable, simple. Built for practice.

Significantly fewer components – no curved track
A central axle with hexagonal profile transmits the power to the tine carrier discs. No unnecessary bearings, control rollers, curved tracks and tine carrier profiles. Why complicate things when it can be so simple?

Completely free of axial play
Another significant technical advantage. The precise mounting of the pick-up tines combined with the axially backlash-free design of the fully loaded pick-up shaft reduces lateral wear between pick-up tines and pick-up scraper. A well thought-out overall system.

Centre drive with two double bearings
The torque of the pick-up shaft is halved. The centre drive with gears is maintenance-free.

Agritechnica: Reiter RESPIRO ungesteuerte Pick-Up
Reiter RESPIRO: Seitenansicht Pick-Up
RESPIRO: Das Herz der ungesteuerten Pick-Up
Reiter RESPIRO: Modell Pick-Up gesamt

Simple & safe


The dream of every practitioner – having to screw as little as possible to the pick-up. The Anti-Loss System fulfils this dream.

Unique tine attachment
A single M8 bolt secures 6 double tines. Changing the tines is quick and easy.

Tine winding is supported from the inside
Another feature of the ingeniously simple solution. The tine winding is solidly supported from the inside. This guarantees a very long service life of the tines.

Tines that are broken in the coil are not lost
In the event of a broken coil, the tine remains suspended in the support. Thus, broken tines run in circles without consequential damage – replacement at the next opportunity is sufficient.

Customer testimonial from Germany

„We now milk 1-2 kg more milk per cow per day.“

— Herbert, farmer from the Allgäu

Reiter RESPIRO zerlegter Zinkenträger
Reiter RESPIRO: Thomas Reiter erklärt die Technologie der Zinken
Schleppende Zinken RESPIRO Bandschwader
RESPIRO Modell Zinkenträger
Customer testimonial from Austria

"It is a very good feeling to know that my animals are getting the best feed."

— Johann, farmer from Lower Austria

Best ground guide

6. Sliding disc close to the tine

The sliding discs glide perfectly over the ground without leaving any traces. Punching into the soil is virtually impossible. That is why the RESPIRO belt rake has no fixed skids.

Rotating freely
The advantages are obvious: protection of the turf and soil, even wear over the entire area and easy run-off of foreign bodies, soil and stones to the left or right of the sliding disc, as it is almost constantly in rotary motion. In addition, the rolling motion results in less friction between the ground and the working unit.

Large support surface
Even in very soft and wet soil conditions, the RESPIRO belt rake glides smoothly over the ground. The large contact surface has a damping effect and thus reduces system oscillations and vibrations. Holes in the ground do not cause the pick-up to sag, ensuring an ideal working result.

Simple wear part
The base plate carries the wear plate. The wear plate, made of hardened boron steel, is simple and cost-effective. This ensures that wear costs remain low even in difficult, hard ground conditions.

Optional: Robalon slide plate
For use in straw, any flying sparks must be avoided for certain field conditions. Otherwise the risk of fire increases enormously. The optional sliding plate made of Robalon helps here. Lightweight, robust and avoids any flying sparks. In straw mode, the working units are carried over ground, i.e. the plastic skid plates very rarely touch the ground. This keeps the wear of the plastic slide plates very low.

Reiter RESPIRO R9 Bandschwader in Arbeitsposition
Bandschwader Reiter RESPIRO R9 in Transportstellung
Reiter RESPIRO Bandschwader Modell
RESPIRO: Thomas Reiter erklärt den kleinen Durchmesser am Flipchart

Perfect good flow

7.Conveyor rotor and swath roller

A guided crop flow delivers very high flexibility in operation. Whether the crop is short or long, dry or wet, the operating speed high or low, the feed rotor ensures a good flow. This delivers uniform swaths. The key to the productivity of the following harvester.

Ensures an even flow of goods
The synchronously running elements pick-up and conveyor rotor work hand in hand. The pick-up lifts gently from the ground, the rotor conveys onto the belt. An ideal combination.

Conveyor rotor hydraulically relieved and adjustable in height
The feed rotor is hydraulically unloaded for optimum work results under heavily fluctuating forage masses. If a lot of mass comes in or a swath is moved again, the rotor moves upwards automatically, thus increasing the swallowing capacity and the impact force. For very dry crops and to avoid additional crumble losses, the rotor can be adjusted in height. In this way, the rotor accompanies the crop flow and does not squash the forage mat unnecessarily.

The swath roller guides the crop flow to the pick-up.
The dragging tine geometry makes a swath roller indispensable. This means that even very short crops can be picked up from the ground with little loss. Even at the headland, no forage remains in front of the pick-up when it is extended. That is perfect working quality.

Customer testimonial from Hungary

„The forage quality is incredibly good. We would never have thought that.“

— Josef, hay producer from Hungary

Reiter RESPIRO Bandschwader schleppende Zinken
RESPIRO R9 im Einsatz
Nahaufnahme Reiter RESPIRO R9 Bandschwader
Seitenansicht: Bandschwader R3 beim Feldeinsatz

Added valuecontractor

Less feed contamination

image gain at the customer through higher feed value
higher revenue per hour or hectare
less foreign objects failures in the forager, loader wagon or baler

Less power demand and wear

lower wear costs on the rake through passive tines
little tine breaks, tines cannot get lost.
less knife sharpening at the cutting units of harvesting machines
higher lifetime performance of the machines

Versatile: better utilization of rake and following harvesting chain

in all fields of application grassland, forage (for example alfalfa), turning straw swaths, corn straw
Flexibility through centre swath / side swath with much or little crop
from long horse hay to short last cut permanent grassland
higher working speed and performance without loss of quality

Fluffy swath, even, in perfect size

earlier start of raking possible
even swath for high performance of the following harvesting machine
repeated lifting does not result in twisted swaths and losses
cleaning up corners and pointed fields by loading the stopped tape

Added valueFarmer

Less feed contamination

better fermentation quality and higher feed intake
less crude ash, more energy, more protein, more milk yield
best forage quality ensures animal health, less veterinary costs

Ideal for legumes

less leaf losses
more crude protein

Less field losses

more crop profit per hectare due to less raking losses
less crumble losses results in more performance from the basic feed
no leftover rotten grass

Fluffy swath, even, in perfect size possible …

earlier start of the raking process
lower hay drying costs
less foraging hours

More advantages

Soil protection
less power demand
less wear
no broken pick-up tines in the forage
higher lifetime performance of the machines
lower repair costs

Added valueof RESPIRO technologin euros

Sauberstes Futter durch RESPIRO Bandschwader

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