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The journey towards this innovation began in 2007. Thousands of customer conversations, discussions, ideas and reflections prepared the ground for the new seed. It all started with the requirement that the contamination of the forage and the picking of stones through raking should be dramatically reduced. The vision took shape in the form of a completely new, elastic pick-up system of small diameter. A system of 4 sliding disks guides the pick-up exactly over the ground.The ground contact by the pick-up tines can thus be reduced to an absolute minimum. The small, six-row, camless pick-up gently lifts every blade of grass. The rotor ensures reliable crop transport. The forage is thus formed into a uniform fluffy swath without tangling.The vision has become reality.


— DI Thomas Reiter, Founder and CEO

Thomas Reiter Geschäftsführer
Mitarbeiter RESPIRO Team

Team spirit and partnershipas top priority

Today our young team is working with full commitment on the gradual expansion of the product range. There is certainly still a long way to go, but we have great pleasure in helping to shape the world of agricultural engineering with this basic innovation.

In production and assembly we cooperate with the company VORAN in Pichl by Wels. Here we have a modern and efficient assembly hall.

In addition, we maintain a large network of farmers, contractors, large farms, experts and scientists.

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