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Clean foragethrough flexible swath rake

The leading “RESPIRO” belt rakes are made in our Austrian factory. The unique belt rake with flexible pick-up and trailing tines ensures that dirt and stones remain on the ground and only the clean forage is picked up. The RESPIRO belt rake is ideal for difficult field conditions and ensures a fluffy swath without lumps, a high working speed and full flexibility in working width. The use of the flexible pick-up belt rake marks the beginning of a new era in animal health. In addition, harvesting costs are reduced, there is less damage to harvesting machinery because stones are left on the ground, and the crude ash content also drops enormously. These factors, and more, help to ensure that the full yield of the basic fodder is exploited. We would be happy to evaluate the potential of RESPIRO technology for your farm as well.

We belive in the Power of flexibility.

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Pick-up rakes at the cutting edge

The rotary rake can no longer meet the quality requirements of the field. The RESPIRO belt rake sets new standards in terms of quality of work, efficiency, durability and ease of service. No more stones and dirt in the forage.

The belt rake technology

Innovation: flexibility

Windrowing is all about millimetre work - this is the only way to avoid the tines coming into contact with the ground. The RESPIRO rake glides uniquely over the ground. Forage quality at its best - the enthusiasm of our customers drives us.

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Sweeping machine versus RESPIRO-technology

Whether rotary rake or rigid belt rake – dirt in the forage cannot be avoided! Contractors and farmers realise that sweeping is a fundamental problem. Pick up, carry and put down is the solution. Only RESPIRO technology offers a solution that results in the cleanest forage, even in the most difficult soil conditions.

RESPIRO technology: The door opener for a new era.

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