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RESPIRO R8 compact

RESPIRO R8 compact is a lightweight version from 100 hp,
with the usual unique features.

Lightweight version from 100 hp
4-wheel chassis, perfectly smooth running and weight distribution, suitable for slopes & best ground adaptation
Manoeuvrability due to 90º steering angle
Single excavation
Patented suspension of the work units
Quick & easy folding; safe to transport
Rake height adjustment and adjustment of the belt speed from the tractor cab as well as automatic belt control and belt stop
Conveyor rotor like profi machine

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Cleanest feed with the RESPIRO R8 compact


RESPIRO R8 compact

The RESPIRO R8 compact belt rake is very flexible in use, whether in silage, forage, dry hay or for turning straw.

Different working conditions


Green rye

Alfalfa hay


Rape straw

Maize straw

Clover grass


Possibilities of swath placement

Technology,that pays off.

The path to the future requires a fundamental rethink from sweeping to lifting. RESPIRO-Belt rakes are revolutionary in their features. The elastic, camless pick-up with small diameter, in combination with the dragging tines and the conveyor rotor, delivers excellent results.

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Technology in detail

Elastic pick-up

Best soil adaptation

  • Best raking quality
  • No aggressive ground contact
  • Less wear on the tines
  • Few tine breaks
cleanest forage
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Small diameter

Gentle and durable

  • Small distance between the tine tips
  • Low tine impact speed
  • Powerful even with short feed
  • Underruns large swaths
  • Enables the dragging tine
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Trailing tine geometry

Gentle and durable

  • No aggressive ground contact possible
  • Stones and foreign substances remain in place
  • Less wear and breakage on the tines
  • Additional gentle ground adjustment
  • Slurry particles remain on the ground
RESPIRO Bandschwader Modell der schleppenden Zinkengeometrie
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Uncontrolled pick-up


  • Enables small diameter
  • Radically simply built
  • Significantly fewer components – no cam track
  • Axially completely backlash-free
  • Centre drive with 2 double bearings
Reiter RESPIRO: ungesteuerte Pick-Up
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No loose tines

  • Unique tine attachment
  • Tine winding is supported from the inside
  • Tines broken in the winding are not lost
Reiter RESPIRO Bandschwader: einzigartiges Anti-Loss-System
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Sliding disc close to the tine

Best tine guidance

  • Free turning
  • Large contact surface
  • Optional: Robalon sliding disc
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Conveyor rotor & swath roller

Consistent good flow

  • Ensures constant good flow
  • Conveyor rotor hydraulically relieved and adjustable in height
  • Swath roller guides the crop flow at the pick-up
Reiter RESPIRO: Förderrotor
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Technical details

RESPIRO R8 compact

Data sheet R8 compact

RESPIRO R8 compact
Working width centre swath [m] 6,50 – 8,00
Swath width [m] 0,50 – 2,00
Working width side swath [m] 6.00 + swath
Bandwidth [mm] 1000
Transport length [m] 5,60
Transport width [m] 2,92
Transport height [m] 3,40
Weight [kg] 4400
Tyres 480/45-17
Area performance [ha/h] 3 – 8
PTO [U/min] [U/min] 540 / 750 / 1000
Required hydraulic connections 2 DW + LS
Required electrical connections ISOBUS, 7-pin
Brake DLB, hydraulic

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