RESPIRO R6 rd 700 / R6 rd 1000 / R7 rd

The new belt rake with high performance and best ground hugging. For farmers and contractors who never want to drive over forage again and thus achieve the best forage quality.

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  •  elastic, camless pick-up
  • unique PU tine attachment system
  • scraper made of ROBALON
  • rotor for perfect crop flow
  • 8 sliding discs for best ground hugging
  • hydraulic drive
  • Belt drive: left, right, variable speed
  • belt width 700 / 1000 mm
  • Weight approx. 2950 / 3150 / 3380 kg
  • Control terminal for all functions
  • Hydraulic rotor lift

Tractor requirements

  • At least 180 hp on level surfaces (6 cylinders) with 800 - 1200 kg front ballast.
  • Loadsensing or double-acting control unit for folding frames
  • 2x double-acting control unit for conveyor operation
    • Oil pump at least 160 l/min
      Electric control unit with flow control
  • 2x 3-pole power socket 12 V
  • Reverse drive device
  • Hydraulic top link advantageous
  • Optional front tank
Respiro technology on the rise

RESPIRO R6 rd 700 / R6 rd 1000 / R7 rdInnovative Rake technology

The new belt rake for tractors with reverse drive system.

  • “Never drive over the forage again”.
  • “Perfect view of the working units”
  • “As manoeuvrable as a self-propelled machine”

Arguments that convince the farmer and the contractor.

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