RESPIRO R3 | R3.5 profi

Whether pushing or front-mounted, Respiro Profi front delivery rakes are the best choice for the contractor and demanding farm. Pure ground hugging.
A true working experience in a class of its own.

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  • elastic, camless pick-up
  • unique PU tine fastening system
  • scraper made of ROBALON
  • rotor for perfect crop flow
  • 4 sliding disks for best ground hugging
  • fully hydraulic drive with on-board hydraulics
  • belt drive: left, right, variable speed
  • belt width 1000mm
  • operating terminal with display for all functions,
  • integrated suspension system for best ground hugging
  • weight approx. 2756 pound (1250 kg)
  • hydraulic rotor lifting with relief

Tractor requirements

  •  recommended from 120 hp
  • 1x single-acting connection (30-60 litres/minute)
  • 1x pressureless return flow into the tank
  • 1x single-acting connection for rotor
  • front linkage

The advantages of the "PROFI" version

You drive a powerful tractor and expect your front machine to be powerful and reliable? Then the Profi series is the perfect choice for you. The Profi series offers unique driving dynamics and working quality, completely independent of front linkage geometry and weight. The higher the sliding resistance of the machine, the lower the contact force – this is the key to the success of this outstanding kinematical solution.

Product version available in the following working widths

We offer the working widths 3.0m and 3.5m for powerful use.

Working width: 3,5 metres

The bestseller with 3.0m transport width. Reliable on all roads – and without any official approval.

Working width: 3,5 metres

You can go wider on the street? Then the 3.5m working width is your ideal choice for increased performance and flexibility. Better clearance even when cornering, better overlap in combination with rear-mounted or trailed machines.

Respiro technologyon the rise

Insight into our product rangeRESPIRO R3 | R3.5 Profi

Diversity, quality of work, performance. See for yourself.

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