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The future of raking

RESPIRO R3 compactRESPIRO R3.5 compact

With the conventional 1-rotor rake, you pass over about 1/3 of the area. The forage is pressed into the soil in the tractor track, this leads to increased dirt accumulation, raking and crumble losses.

With the RESPIRO front belt rakes, these disadvantages are eliminated because you will never drive over the forage again! This is the only way to achieve unique forage quality and fewer losses.

The many positive effects of clean forage create the added value that makes this technology a highly profitable investment.
Practitioners confirm the outstanding work quality achieved by the flexible pick-up and the dragging tines. They also appreciate the good visibility of the working unit – the machine is always in full view. The front-mounted windrower is very flexible in use, whether in silage, forage, dry hay or for turning straw. In addition, field corners and areas with obstacles can be easily cleaned.

The RESPIRO compact series impresses with its compact mounting on the tractor. The load on the front axle is lower, so it can also be used on gentle slopes. 
Best working quality and high area performance are guaranteed.

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master of flexibility


RESPIRO R3 compactRESPIRO R3.5 compact

The front raking belt is very flexible in use, whether in silage, forage, dry hay or for turning straw. It is also very simple to tidy up field corners and areas around obstacles.

different working conditions

RESPIRO R3 Bandschwader im Einsatz im Dauergrünland
RESPIRO R3 Bandschwader im Einsatz am Grünroggen
green rye
RESPIRO R3 Bandschwader im Einsatz am Luzerneheu
alfalfa hay
RESPIRO R3 Bandschwader im Einsatz am Rapsstroh
RESPIRO R3 Bandschwader im Einsatz am Rapsstroh
rape straw
RESPIRO R3 Bandschwader im Einsatz am Maisstroh
maize straw
RESPIRO R3 Bandschwader im Einsatz am Luzerneheu
clover grass
RESPIRO R3 Bandschwader im Einsatz am Heu

swath placement

RESPIRO R3 Bandschwader Möglichkeiten der Schwadablage
swath placement

Technology,that pays off.

The way forward calls for a fundamental rethink from sweeping to lifting.
belt rakes are revolutionary in their features. The small-diameter, elastic, camless pick-up, combined with the trailing tines and conveyor rotor, delivers outstanding results.

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Technology in detail

Flexible pick-up

best ground hugging

  • Best raking quality
  • No aggressive ground contact
  • Little tine wear
  • less tine breakages
cleanest forage
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Small diameter

powerful and gentle

  • Small distance between the tine tips
  • Low tine impact speed
  • SHigh performance even with short crop
  • Underruns large swaths
  • Allows trailing tines
Reiter RESPIRO Bandschwader: kleiner Durchmesser Seitenansicht
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Trailing tines

careful and durable

  • No aggressive ground contact possible
  • Stones an foreign objets stay on ground
  • Less wear on tines
  • Less tine breakages
  • Liquid manure particle stay on ground
RESPIRO Bandschwader Modell der schleppenden Zinkengeometrie
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Camless pick-up


  • Allows small diameter
  • Radical simple system
  • Significantly fewer components – camless
  • Axial completely play-free
  • Center drive and 2 double bearings
Reiter RESPIRO: ungesteuerte Pick-Up
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Anti-loss system

no loose tines possible

  • Unique tine mounting
  • Tine coil is supported from inside
  • Tines that are broken in the coil are not lost
Reiter RESPIRO Bandschwader: einzigartiges Anti-Loss-System
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Sliding disc close to the tines 

best tine control

  • Free rotating
  • Large contact surface
  • Robalon sliding disc optional
Reiter RESPIRO Bandschwader: Gleitteller nahe am Zinken
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Conveyor rotor and swath roller

uniform crop flow

  • Enables uniform crop flow
  • Conveyor rotor hydraulically suspended and height adjustable
  • Swath roller guide the crop flow over the pick-up
Reiter RESPIRO: Förderrotor
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Technology in detail

RESPIRO R3 compact | R3.5 compact

Mounting compact

  • Pushed machine
    • center of gravity close to the tractor
    • smaller tractors are necessary
  • Lateral movement in the lower link attachment
    • +/- 15 degrees
  • The suspension of the working unit is done by the counter springs or the tractor linkage weight alleviation system
    • lighter
    • cheaper solution


  • Easy operation of the machine
    • Rotor (1 single acting valve)
    • rotor lock for raking straw
    • rotor lift
    • rotor float position – to work in the field
  • belt direction left or right or belt stop (1 single acting valve + free oil return)
  • belt speed adjustment

Technical data R3 compact | R3.5 compact

RESPIRO R3 compact 700 / 1000

Respiro technology on the rise

RESPIRO R3 compact | R3.5 compact - future of raking

Diversity, quality of work, performance. See for yourself.

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