RESPIRO R3 compact 700 / 1000

Optimally mounted, super compact on the tractor, also ideal for use on light slopes.

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  • elastic, cameless pick-up
  • unique pick-up tine fastening system
  • scraper made of ROBALON
  • rotor for perfect crop flow
  • 4 sliding disks for best ground hugging, Hydr. drive
  • belt drive: left, right, variable speed
  • belt width 700mm / 1000mm
  • weight approx. 960kg / 1050kg
  • hydraulic rotor lifting, operating terminal for all functions

Tractor requirements

  • 90 hp
  • 1x single acting for rotor lift
  • front linkage with integrated suspension or springs
  • 1x single acting for hydraulic driveline (30-60 liters of oil per minute) with free return flow
  • alternatively: 1x double acting for hydraulic driveline (30-60 liters of oil per minute).
    This application has the disadvantage to result in higher oil temperature because of additional pressure losses in the connector an in the valve.

Advantages of the COMPACT version

The Respiro Compact range is characterised by its optimum closeness to the tractor.
This reduces the load on the front axle.
High working quality and simultaneous protection of the soil and tractor are guaranteed.

Product available in the following versions

We offer the working widths 3.0m and 3.5m for powerful use.

Working width: 3 metres

With a transport width of 3.0 m, it is reliable on all roads – and all this without any official approval.

Compact 700

Our lightest model with only 970kg stands for more slope capability.
Ideal for smaller tractors, this model can show its strength especially in silage with its 700mm conveyor belt.

Compact 1000

For high volumes of hay, straw or other fodder stocks, the 1000mm wide belt is ideal. The low additional weight and the slightly larger centre of gravity distance offer more performance and ideal raking.

Working width: 3,5 metres

You can go wider on the street? Then the 3.5m working width is your ideal choice for increased performance and flexibility. Better clearance even when cornering, better overlap in combination with rear-mounted or trailed machines.

Compact 1000

For the working width of 3.5m the 1000mm wide conveyor belt is the only right choice. The reliable rake formation and the high efficiency will convince you.

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