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RESPIROThe future of raking

Who we are.

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We are open for new things and have the courage to tackle them.
The heartbeat of our passion is the attention to detail. Innovative ideas with outstanding benefits make our customers fit for the challenges of tomorrow.

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Pick-Up rakes on the pulse of time

Who has the humility to make himself small can achieve great things. The Respiro pick-up sets new standards in quality of work, power, durability and ease of service.

To the heart of the pick-up

Innovation: flexibility

Swathing is a matter of millimeter precision - the only way to avoid ground contact of the tines. The Respiro pick-up glides uniquely over the ground. Forage quality at its best - the enthusiasm of our customers drives us.

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Sweeping machine versus RESPIRO-technology

It’s time to turn over a new page.
The aware farmer / expert feels that sweeping is a fundamental problem.
Pick up, carry and deposit is the solution.


RESPIRO -technology: The door opener for a new era.

Comparison rotary rakes vs. RESPIRO

Why buy anotherrotary rake?

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Discover our product world

Lifting instead of sweeping

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