You don't know whether an investment in the Respiro belt rake technology is worthwhile for your farm? We analyse the concrete benefits on your farm free of charge and compare the additional costs. After making an appointment by phone, we will go through the analysis with you via Zoom Video. This usually takes about 1:30h, we offer this free of charge. Leave us your contact details and we will be happy to get back to you without obligation.

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    No contamination due to flexible pick-up and dragging tines.

    Because only the best soil adaptation provides the cleanest forage.

    1. Best forage & less feed loss - from the first to the last cut
    2. Optimal animal health - significantly less costs, less worries
    3. Versatility of use in all conditions, all crops
    4. Flexibility of swath placement and always ideal swath mass
    5. Dramatic wear reduction from the harvester to the feed mixer wagon
    6. Highly profitable investment despite higher acquisition costs