The Technology

Simply convincingCamless pick-up

A belt rake has many metres of pick-up. With conventional systems, a large working width means that several curved tracks have to be installed. This is not the future of belt rakes. Easy maintenance demands an uncontrolled system. The RESPIRO technology is the first belt rake with an uncontrolled pick-up, a real milestone.

Possible because of small diameter

A large pick-up diameter and at the same time an uncontrolled system is only justifiable for harvesters. When it comes to the belt rake, this combination is not realisable. Little crop spread over the area – this is the highest challenge for a pick-up system. Only the small diameter opens the door for an uncontrolled, simple pick-up.

Radically simple design

Simple rotation, no additional moving parts, no additional wear. Compact, robust, reliable, simple. Built for practice.

Significantly fewer components – no curved track

A central axle with hexagonal profile transmits the power to the tine carrier discs. No unnecessary bearings, control rollers, curved tracks and tine carrier profiles. Why complicate things when it can be so simple?

Completely free of axial play

Another significant technical advantage. The precise mounting of the pick-up tines combined with the axially backlash-free design of the fully loaded pick-up shaft reduces lateral wear between pick-up tines and pick-up scraper. A well thought-out overall system.

Centre drive with two double bearings

The torque of the pick-up shaft is halved. The centre drive with gears is maintenance-free.