The Technology

Conservation and impact powerSmall diameter

The small diameter, or in other words, the low height of the pick-up is another key of the RESPIRO technology. The crop flow is ideal. The crop flows harmoniously onto the conveyor belt. Convincingly simple and efficient. The impact of the system is amazing. Depending on the operating conditions, working speeds of up to 25km/h are possible. Despite the high impact force, the mechanical stress on the crop remains low. This ensures high protein content through very low crumble losses of valuable leaf mass.

Small distance between the tine tips

The six-row pick-up with such a small diameter delivers a harmonious sequence of tines. The seamless sequence of tines lifts the crop quickly and very gently from the ground. Optimum crop flow is the result.

Low tine impact speed

Due to the small overall height of the pick-up, the tine speed can be kept very low. The crop wave nevertheless floats, is taken over by the rotor and guided onto the conveyor belt. This is a great advantage, especially for legumes and for crops with a high dry matter content. Less leaf loss and more protein.

Powerful even with short forage

The small pick-up lifts the forage out of the stubble immediately and without interruption. This means that even short forage can be raked effectively. This increases the productivity of the RESPIRO belt rake enormously.

Undershoots large swath

When turning swaths and with high crop yields, the small pick-up has another decisive advantage: the crop mass floats onto the pick-up, so to speak. Harmonious, powerful and efficient. Despite very high masses, the pick-up requires very little drive torque. Ideal for energy efficiency and service life.

Allows the tines to drag

The dragging tine was never “planned”. Practice has produced it. Because the diameter of the pick-up is so small, the tines can be dragged. At the height of the mowing horizon, the tines lift the crop dynamically out of the stubble. The secret of the RESPIRO system.