The Technology

Best ground guideSliding disc close to the tine

The sliding discs glide perfectly over the ground without leaving any traces. Punching into the soil is virtually impossible. That is why the RESPIRO belt rake has no fixed skids.

Rotating freely

The advantages are obvious: protection of the turf and soil, even wear over the entire area and easy run-off of foreign bodies, soil and stones to the left or right of the sliding disc, as it is almost constantly in rotary motion. In addition, the rolling motion results in less friction between the ground and the working unit.

Large support surface

Even in very soft and wet soil conditions, the RESPIRO belt rake glides smoothly over the ground. The large contact surface has a damping effect and thus reduces system oscillations and vibrations. Holes in the ground do not cause the pick-up to sag, ensuring an ideal working result.

Simple wear part

The base plate carries the wear plate. The wear plate, made of hardened boron steel, is simple and cost-effective. This ensures that wear costs remain low even in difficult, hard ground conditions.

Optional: Robalon slide plate

For use in straw, any flying sparks must be avoided for certain field conditions. Otherwise the risk of fire increases enormously. The optional sliding plate made of Robalon helps here. Lightweight, robust and avoids any flying sparks. In straw mode, the working units are carried over ground, i.e. the plastic skid plates very rarely touch the ground. This keeps the wear of the plastic slide plates very low.