The Technology

Quantum leap: flexibilityElastic pick-up

The elastic pick-up is the heart of the RESPIRO band raker. With pick-up widths of 3 m and more, the pick-up must be flexible so that it can adapt to the ground. This is the only way to achieve perfect work results in grassland. This unique position points the way to the future of the band rake.

Best raking quality

For best raking quality, the pick-up must be able to hug the ground. And every practitioner knows that no ground is flat. This is exactly where the flexible pick-up of the RESPIRO technology sets new standards. Even under difficult terrain conditions, raking losses are low. This not only increases the overall yield but also the forage quality of the subsequent cuts. Top quality, hectare after hectare, cut after cut. As a contractor, you always deliver well for your customers because you adapt to the terrain conditions. This creates trust and customer satisfaction.

No aggressive ground contact

Ground contact with the pick-up tines should be avoided whenever possible. With a rigid pick-up, you quickly reach the limits. RESPIRO technology does it right the first time. The flexibility of the pick-up prevents aggressive ground contact. This not only creates a good feeling in the field. It is the basis for top forage quality. The sward is also protected, which promotes re-growth.

Little wear on the tines

The pick-up tines only touch the ground sporadically. This minimises wear on the tines. That’s what every practitioner wants.

Few tine breakages

It is impossible to ram the pick-up into the ground. The pick-up tines very rarely touch the ground. The logical consequence is maximum tine life. Practice confirms it. For professionals and contractors, time-consuming tine changes are a thing of the past and the forage harvester does not suffer from dangerous foreign bodies.